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Each of the courses below cover what you must do to learn and embed the new skills, mindsets and behaviours and how you can find more support to do this. Please use this form to receive notifications on local workshops on topics including:


How to Learn Business Skills Twice as Fast

Learning to learn fast is the number 1 skill in business, in your career, and in life in general. Learn this and you'll enjoy keeping up and getting ahead and the rewards that this brings your business and you personally. You'll also find that no challenge is too big anymore as you can break it down and learn what you need to in order to overcome it.

For more info see my site www.HelpPeopleLearn.com


The 1 Day MBA

Develop a strong and practical business mindset and wire your mind up to attract, create and generate business opportunities, efficiencies and innovations. This course will save you making costly errors and is designed to be highly practical resulting in plenty of actions and powerful things that anyone can do to understand and add more value to their business and their customers. A great boost for small businesses or those who must develop more commercial awareness.


Double Your Productivity

How to get the right things done in the right ways at the right times. Highly practical, and a relief for busy or overwhelmed people. Also shows how to use technology to massively improve your productivity.


Business Development for Non-Sales People

How non-sales people can leverage their own natural abilities to sell more effectively, enjoyably and more easily than many 'professional' sales people. An eye-opener for non-sales people or those who find sales uncomfortable.


How to Help Your Customers Buy

A course for existing or experienced sales people who find selling in today's world more challenging. Many experienced sales people have developed a self-image of performing well in sales, but many are finding their skills and mindset out of date for today's world. This course will put you back on track again, and relieve you from your current sales challenges.


Sales Improvement for Technical Sales People and Sales Engineers

Technical sales people, sales engineers, and those selling technology face unique challenges when it comes to developing business. This course has been run for large multinationals and smaller businesses with great results and repeat business. Designed and delivered by an engineer turned professional sales person who 'gets' technical people and their challenges, you'll see better sales conversions, better sales/non-sales collaboration in your business and happier customers.


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